The science of prenatal diagnosis, shocking progress

The film traces the history of the development of prenatal diagnosis and the ethical questions it raises, through the eyes of specialists and that of the women in whose lives modern science has intervened.

We will understand through the development of embryology at the beginning of the 20th century, how this science still influences the vision of abortion in different countries today with a German historian of maternity. We will learn more about the ultrasound revolution and its ethical issues with an American professor. A French professor of genetics will explain to us why and how his discipline has changed the situation and the current trend to use artificial intelligence.

At the same time, we will see how women react to what we can call a new “biopower”.

The production team will film in three countries where the statistical numbers alone suggest the approach is different. The proposal to artificially terminate a pregnancy due to a diagnosis with an anomaly or pathology concerned 0.33% of pregnant women in the Czech Republic and 0.4% in France in 2020. In the Czech Republic, 28% of women decided to continue their pregnancy and in France 55%.

Although this is a parallel narrative, for clarity the “specialists” section is presented first and the “women” section second.

Documentary of 52 minutes

Jan Vasak and Camille Monin